Getting ready for the season

On the first day of Fall, it is time to start dreaming about snow, lots of it. Your kids are a year older, so the oldest needs a new pair of boots and skis; you have been dreaming of finally learning how to skate ski, so you want an additional pair; the limiting factor in your uphill struggles are the lack of control you get from your boots, so you need that fancy pair that is so comfortable; or you just need a ski bag that will make it easy to load 4 pairs of skis and poles into the car every Saturday.

The only problem, how afford this without breaking the bank? The solution, buy everything at a ski swap way before Christmas, so you get good deals and the money is not spent yet on christmas presents (although somebody would be happy with a shiny new pair of skis so the old ones can become rock skis).

There are two ski swaps relatively close by that focus on cross country gear:

You can also sell your used gear at these events, if your garage is just not big enough for all your sporting equipment.

See this link for the details on how to sell your gear for the Highlands Nordic swap.