Last minute updates for the fun day

It will be cold this afternoon, so dress your kids appropriately: snowpants, jacket, mitts/gloves, hat, scarf, ... If the kids get cold, we might shorten the skiing a little bit, and go to the church event a little bit earlier, but every coach will make that decision on the spot.

There are no bathrooms at the trails. If you could make sure that that they go to the bathroom before leaving, that will avoid us wrestling with clothes and snowpants etc in the cold.

As for the evaluation groups, the coaches will be wearing funny hats, which we hope will make it easier to recognize them.

The bunnies - age 5 - will be with Margy
JackRabbit 1 - ages 6-8 - classic will be with Loui
JackRabbit 1 - ages 6-8 - skating will be with Karl
JackRabbit 2 - ages 8-10 - skating will be with Evan/Paul
JackRabbit 3 - ages 11-12 - skating will be with Lev/Alex
Royal Rabbits - ages 13-15 - skating will be with Fernanda/Don

If you are unsure who to go to, just ask the person with the sorting hat and cape!