IMPORTANT UPDATE RE: Saturday - Family Fun Day & Last Rental Opportunity

Due to the extremely cold temperatures predicted for Saturday January 6th we will not be having the skiing portion of our Family Fun Day. 

Family Fun Day & Equipment Rentals will now happen only at Arkell United Church - 1:30pm 
We will all meet at 1:30pm at Arkell United Church (at the corner of Arkell and Watson Rd.). At the church you will be able to meet the coaches, enjoy some treats, scrape skis that still need to done and learn about what to expect in lessons.

Those interested in renting equipment will have a chance to see what is available. Please bring cash or a cheque to pay for the rental.

We will announce at the church whether we will go ahead with skiing on Sunday as an alternate plan based on the most current weather forecast.

Which coach is the one for my kid...
The bunnies - age 5 - will be with Margy
JackRabbit 1 - ages 6-10 - classic intermediate will be with Loui
JackRabbit 1 - ages 6-8 - skating beginners will be with Karl
JackRabbit 2 - ages 8-12 - skating intermediate will be with Evan/Paul
Jack and Royal Rabbit 3 - ages 10-15 - skating advanced will be with Lev (who will not be present this Saturday, but the kids can ski with Evan).

Adult Lessons...
The adult lessons this season will start February 10, but parents and novice adult skiers are more than welcome to come out with us. You can ski with your kids, receive some tips from the coaches, explore our trails, hang out with other parents: have some quality snow time.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach us at

See you out on the trails soon,

Eden Mills Nordic coaching team