Our ski trails are on private property and are therefore intended for club members only.

Special Use Day Passes
Day passes are intended only for those wishing to try out our trails or for occasional guests of club members. Anyone skiing here regularly is encouraged to join our club as your membership includes insurance coverage with Cross Country Canada and provides you with regular email updates and invitations to club events.

Purchasing Day Passes
Day passes are available for $6.00/person, cash only. Please put your name and the date on an envelope, enclose the cash and place it in the box located under the trail map in the parking lot.

Rules for Day Pass Users
By purchasing a day pass, all users agree to accept full responsibility and related risks of skiing on this private property.
In addition all day pass users are expected to follow these rules:
  • Keep to the trails.
  • Obey all trail closures and directions as posted.
  • Trails are for skiing only, no hiking.
  • No dogs are permitted on the property.
  • Please be nice to all trail users, human and non-human.  Where the trail leaves the Fitzgibbons’ field at the start of our trails and runs beside the neighbours’ chainlink fence, there are a couple of dogs who get excited when they see skiers. Please do not shout or swear at the dogs. 
  • Do not go on the barn's side of the property, there is a pond there that poses a serious safety hazard.

Trail Map
Our trails start on Maltby Rd. between Victoria and Watson. There are approximately 6 km of groomed trails in multiple loops over fairly open fields and through forest with hills and curves. Click on the map for a larger version.

We have three types of trails:
- Trails around the perimeter of the fields: these are heavily used but wide enough to allow for two-way traffic. This ensures that potential contact time between skiers is minimized when traveling in opposite directions versus trying to overtake each other. On these perimeter trails, you can thus ski in both directions.
- Our narrow wooded or golf course trails with sometimes steeper down hills: because of safety concerns at the downhill sections, these are unidirectional. This includes the Woods Trail, Naylor Ridge Trail, Golf Course trails, and the Lame Hill loop between the North Field and the golf course entrance.
- Finally, the trail from the Fitzgibbons (parking lot) to the Naylor East and West Fields can obviously be skied in both directions. However, there is a very narrow passage with a little rise and a sharp corner through pine trees. There is a new return trail ("Back" on the map below) that starts at the southeast side of East Naylor Field, and joins back with the Fitzgibbon Connector just before The Pines stretch.